Sunday, May 24, 2015

What Goes Bump In The Night by Wesley Thomas (next best horror author)

Creepiest Stories Ever!!!

Ok so I am not even joking when I say that this guy is the next Stephen King. I really believe that because I have not read anything that has freaked me out so badly in a really really long time. Oh and you maybe asking yourself, if you got so freaked out then why did you read it..... Well ah duh, that's the whole point of a horror book. it's to get freaked out, to feel your heart pumping in your chest like its about to burst. The one story had me checking on my kids every 30 minutes at night it was crazy, and then another favorite of mine was one where the girl in the story shared my name. Yup folks there was a Gabby in there that reminded me of myself to a point, and let me tell you, I hope that never flipping happens to me like ever. What makes Wesley such a great writer in my opinion is the fact that he is so graphic. I mean what's the point of reading a book and you have to struggle to picture what's going on. WELLLLLL not with this one everything is so vivid it just pops in your head an kinda stays there. I think Wesley has great potential and I cannot wait to see what else he is going to throw out there. So if you don't know the drill by now let me run through it with you. I'm going to post the links down below for my review of the book on the sites that it is available on and also the link for the book itself. With this book though it is only on Amazon but if you want a good scare you really need to get this book, in it there is something for everyone, I promise. Well ladies and gentlemen that's all for me (for now anyways). Have a great day and read a good book. I know I will *~~Gabby~~*

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