Friday, May 8, 2015

Pretending He's You by Stacey Mosteller!!!!

 Pretending He's You 

Ok now guys this book is freaking fantabulous!!!!! Pretending He's You is #4 in the Nashville Night series, which David  (from Nashville Nights #1) is currently holding number 2 on the book boyfriend list. Oh and BTW an updated list WILL be coming out very shortly due to this book, thanks Stacey!!! Ok ADD moment over back to this book. This book has two parts to it which is very important because in part one everything starts there, well a matter of fact it starts on October 15, 2010 on Olivia's 18th birthday. While she's pissed off at her on again off again boyfriend Emmett, which she may have been broke up with at that point. She told him never to call her again sooooo that's like a break right?? She's all upset and guess who comes to see what's wrong???? Her older brothers friend Tyler **ahhh swoon** who came over to visit Chris (Livvie's Older brother who is in the Army). One thing leads to another and lets just say pop goes the cherry. They have a two week long fling, and at  the end of the two weeks he has to break her heart thinking that's what's best for her pfff pfff pfffff!! Now we fast forward to 2013 where everything starts up again! Olivia and the gang go to a concert where guess what?!?!?! Tyler's band  Twisted Destiny is the opening act! So of course as Tyler is rocking out he sees Livvie girl (his nick name for her). Oh and BTW he's been hurting over her for ummm the last 3 years and of course as much as she says she's over him she is SoOoOoO not. Oh and before I forget Liv thinks Emmett (on again off again) doesn't know about her and Tyler but she is so wrong about that let me tell you. When Liv and Emmett split for those two weeks way back when he SAW Liv and Tyler macking out in the mall. Buuuuuuut she doesn't know that. So emotins are running rampage with everyone. Liv is freaking out because hes back, Tyler is like maybe I can fix things between me and her and Emmett is like fuck this not again!! so much happens in this book it is totally crazy and in the end someone (not saying any names) forces her to make a choice and that when she choose the one she doesn't chose she can no longer have ANYTHING to do with. Can you say major total freak out. Yeah that was me at the end of this flipping book. THANK GAWD there is going to be another book to finish off their story because if there wasn't going to be and Stacey left it that way, lets just say I am not underneath begging or groveling. So ok my bloggy peeps Imma post up the links as usual to first my review on the site and then the link so you can buy the book on the site except for Goodreads you can't buy books there.

Have fun and read a good book. I know I will *~~Gabby~~*

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