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War of Destiny: Lost Soul

HELLO My Bloggy Peeps!!!

Ok so I think its official, all these authors are trying to kill me of a broken heart. I needed a box of tissues and some comfort from Ben & Jerry's for this one no joke. I'm going to TRY and not spoil very much for you guys but it maybe a wee bit hard because this book is totally gush worthy. Time for the debrief peeps!

Julia is a vampire who’s just about over 500 years old in the present day. Memories of her life not only as a human but as a young vampire as well keep coming to her and so she decides to write everything down. Her story starts in 1492, where she was "lucky" enough to be born into a pretty wealth family not like royalty or anything but pretty much well off. Julia falls in love with Adam the son of one of servants (oooppps! She grew up with the guy what do you people expect!) and is heartbroken when her family,forces her into an arranged marriage at the age of 15 (I know eww right?!?) to this MAN named Gregory (BOOOOOO). But that's not even the most sucky part of it all, the guy she is married to is a very powerful man he is even more powerful than her family but the dude has a wicked dark side, and punishes her however and whenever he likes. 

Julia finds that she has to deal with Gregory by herself after trying to talk to her family only to get punished even worst (they wont be winning any parent of the year awards for sure). The only one she can depend on is her sister and then later her brother-in-law, She eventually closes herself off from them to try to protect them ( Aww the poor girl). After what I would call the worst thing any woman could ever go through she meets a stranger named Sammuel and he offers what only can be a miracle. Little does she know at the time that he's a vampire and that her life is going to change in my opinion for the better...

I am left wanting another one I don't know if there is another one out yet or if there is going to be one coming out soon but as soon as I find out I will let ya'll know. Have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

When The Music Ends by Simone Beaudelaire


Well hello my bloggy peeps!!! I know I've got another review for all of ya'll!!! WOO HOO!! Oh and yes it is another one from Simone!! So if you've been a bloggy peep from the beginning then you already know that I read the 3rd book to this series When the heart heals, but this one is the very 1st and OH MY GOSH! Time to be debriefed:

 Sean Murphy is 23 years old, his sister Sheridan is 17 almost 18 and her closest friend Erin just turned 18.

When Erin's date lets her down for the senior home-coming dance (butt munch) Sheridan AKA Danny has the master plan of having her older (and very hot, well she doesn't think he's hot) brother take Erin to the dance. Like the true gentleman he is, Sean steps in to take her, but only after some fast talking from Danny and confirmation from Erin privately that she REALLY does want to go and its not his sister well being his sister. It is after their dance finishes that the fireworks really begin between the two, but before they can really get set off something happens at the dance that leaves not only Sean but Erin a little leery. Erin, has had a crush on Sean for years, and Sean has always liked Erin but thought the difference in their age was too big of a gap for anything to happen, find out they both actually like LIKE each other and well they decide to act on it. While things are getting oh so hot and steamy between the sheets with Sean and Erin that leery feeling they both had would turn into one of their worst nightmares come true. 

This is where I stop because if I don't I'm gonna word vomit all up over this review and I do NOT want to ruin it for you guys because it really is amazing, I cried more through out this book than I have in a very long time. I mean a lot of books I read make me cry but seriously I think I cried a minimum of like 15 times I think I cried every other chapter if not every chapter it was pretty bad so I will for warn you keep the tissues handy because you'll need them for this amazing story. Well peeps its linky link time, have a great day/night and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*



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Melody Dawn Spotlight!!!!

 Hey guys today its gonna be all about Miss Melody Dawn and her Living Series !!

Author Bio-Melody Dawn:

Melody Dawn is a contemporary romance author residing in Texas. She started reading romance novels when she was a teenager and became addicted to Happily Ever After’s. She got her own HEA when she met her soulmate 20 years ago and they have been together ever since.  They have two furbabies who think they are Kings of the Castle and require a ton of attention. When she is not reading or writing, she loves to refurbish old furniture into new pieces, scrapbook, and most of all spend time with her main guy. 

Here is an Author interview for you guys to help get a little bit more you my lovely bloggy peeps

Author Interview with Melody Dawn:

Interviewer: Can you tell us your latest news?

MD: The latest news is that this is going to turn into a series. I always only intended to write one book, but Jayson, the H in my story, has a twin brother; and he is getting his own book. His character developed in a much bigger way than I expected.

Interviewer: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

MD: I never intended to actually become a writer. I had a story in my head for several years that I thought might make a good book, but I never really believed it would happen. As far as considering myself a writer, I’m still not sure that I do.

Interviewer: Now I love music just as much as reading, I normally listen to music while I am reading. Do you think that you characters have theme songs? What would they be?

MD: Definitely! For Chloe, the main female character, it would be Invincible by Kelly Clarkson, Jayson, the main male character, it would be All of Me by John Legend, Connor (Jayson’s twin)-Forever Night Stand by Rayen Belchere, and Madison (Chloe’s best friend) would be Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson.

Interviewer: Are the experiences fact based or from your imagination?

MD: Possibly some things in the story may be true…obviously, Chloe’s tragedy isn’t real, but some other things yes, just not saying which.

Interviewer: Which comes first? The character's story or, the idea for the novel?

MD: I think each writing project varies. For To Live Again, it was the story that came first, but for the second book, it was definitely the character. There is possibly a third book and the character and the story both kind of hit me at the same time.

Hey you see the part about theme songs????? Well looky looky what I have !!!!!!! A Spotify playlist whoop whoop!! Who doesn't love some good music?

Well I don't know about you guy but I could sure use a bonus scene

 Bonus Scene:

To Live Again by Melody Dawn
Bonus Scene

            Getting back from Chipotle’s with Jayson, I go into my room and lie down on the bed. I’m not sure what to think of him. Of course, he’s gorgeous and seems interested in me, but for how long and why? I think it’s probably best that we just stay study partners. This way when his attention moves elsewhere, I’m not the even more broken girl in the corner. With my mind made up, I drift off to sleep.

            I’m dreaming a really awesome dream about Jayson without a shirt until I’m rudely awakened by my dear best friend jumping on my bed. “Hey chick, wake up! So, what happened with you and that beautiful hunk of man after you left?” I roll my eyes and say, “Uh, nothing! He took me back to campus; we both had more classes. Why? Where did you go with his twin?”

            She blushes and I lean towards her. “Why do you smell like him?” She has this look in her eye and I have a feeling I know what happened. But, all she says is he gave her a hug. Yeah, I bet he did…like an after sex hug that says “Let’s do this again.” I saw the two of them eye-fucking each other while we were all having lunch. I almost say something about him being a player, but I just keep my mouth shut. Madison and I do not have the same ideas towards casual sex so it wouldn’t do me any good to say anything. If that is what she wants with Connor Reece, then who am I to say anything; I just hope he doesn’t hurt her. Wow, first Jayson and now Connor; I evidently do not have a huge respect for the male gender.
            Lying down next to me, she insists I tell her everything about how Jayson and I met. When I get to the part about him being in my desk, she starts laughing like a crazy person. “Oh my god, did you really go up and tell him to move,” she gasps out. I give her a punch in the shoulder and say, “Yes! You know how I like to sit in the same seat in every class.” Laughing even harder, she says, “If he still wanted to take you to lunch after learning about your insane tendencies, you need to grab him and hold on!”

            “Oh what the hell ever,” I say heatedly! But, not really meaning it. We love to tease each other and she thinks my somewhat OCD brain is hilarious. I tell her that I think he is interested, but I’m not going to let it go anywhere. Her mouth drops open and with big eyes, she says, “Why? That guy is really into you. Even Connor says so.” I feel a little glimmer of hope in my stomach, but I bury it and say, “Because I just know how it will be and I don’t need to be heartbroken on top of everything else.”

            Madison is quiet for a few moments and she finally says, “You are going to wish that you didn’t let this opportunity pass you by. You don’t have to marry him, but what is wrong with being with someone who obviously likes you for however long it lasts?” I can’t explain it to her, I just know that he will break me. And I’m already broken beyond repair. Besides, a guy like him, needs someone who is living and not just existing.

            Seeing that she isn’t going to get anything else out of me, Madison sits up and hugs me; then says she has to go and study. I tease her and say she is going to be daydreaming about Connor instead of studying, and she just blushes with no answer. As she walks out the door without saying her usual sexual insinuations, I wonder if maybe she really likes this guy. I lie there a little while longer thinking about Jayson. I may not let things go anywhere with him, but here in my room, he is mine. I can think about him and what we could have been. It might sound sad, but in my mind, it gives me hope that maybe one day, I will have what I am imagining. Of course, it won’t be with him, but maybe someone else who isn’t quite so dangerous to my heart and soul.

Ok so what is any book series without a dream cast???? Well here yeah go!

Jayson Reece (Rich Manley)

Chloe Schaeffer (Lucy Hale)

Connor Reece (Rich Manley)   

Madison McKinley (Julianne Hough)

Alyssa Johnson (Ashley Tisdale)

            Ava Reece (Courtney Cox)           

Dr. Phillip Reece (Matthew McConaughey)

Want to contact Melody??????? Well here you go

Contact links for Melody Dawn

I don’t know if you want these or not. But, here they are just in case.

Melody’s Hot Chicks (Street team)-

So guys what are you waiting for check it out!! Have fun and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*

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The Naphil's Kiss by Simone Beaudelaire

Angels and Demons and Mix Breeds 

Oh My!

Ok so we all know that I have read a few of Simone's books before, but what you guys don't know is that I totally have a thing for Angels and Demons and all that good stuff so when I was asked to read this book I was doing major happy dance. So it starts of with Sarahi being disgusted with her life as a life-sucking  passion stealing succubus, Sarahi  demoness mother Lilith, meant her to be seductive and make endless drones for her but Sarahi just can't do it. As she is walking  around the streets of ancient Rome, almost starving and in desperate need to feed, she heads for the Temple of Venus ( can you say prostitutes). It's easy enough to take in the energy from all that lust and desire When  she gets there she meets a Naphilim named Lucien who just happens to be celibate. From that meeting it take centuries for them to FINALLY come together and with them being together well they kinda sort of start the war between dark and light. Absolutely amazing and you have to read it! It's full of action and love and hate and EVERYTHING!!!  So guys I hope I have enticed you enough for you to go out and get this one, it really is worth it. have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*


Forbidden Surrender by Priscilla West


Ok ladies this one is a quick but it really is a goodie. I have read Wrecked and Rescued which are both by Priscilla before in the past and if this book is anything like those two books I know I'm going to be crying at some point in this series. This is the first in a series of three books which by the way I can not wait to get my grubby little book nerd hands on the next two. In this story we met Kristen and Vincent, Kristen is established in her own way in the fact that she is a  25 year-old Harvard Grad (woo hoo she put herself through school shes originally from Texas) and wealth manager for Waterbridge-Howser in New York!!! ( I'm guessing there big time). Kristen moved to New York trying to get away and to start a brand new life. She is super smart, determined, and well professional.  In an attempt to achieve that goal, Kristen must first help convince billionaire Vincent to invest his fortune with their company. Can she do it??

Vincent  is a 31 year old billionaire yes i just said billionaire ladies oh and he's a playboy. Vincent made his billions by starting his own company which all started with a camera to go on the end of his surf board. who would have thunk! But to go with all that money his has nipple piercings and a yummy body to go with it.

As I said Kristen is very professional but Vincent wants her and well she wants him too but they have work to do.. Does she give in?? What is she trying to get away from??? Read the book people to find out. Have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*


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Coming To A Computer Near You!!!

Hello me Bloggy Peeps!!!

I know that I haven't posted in a bit, summer is kinda crazy with the kiddos outta school buuuuuuuuut, I have a few really good books coming at you soon!!! I don't know in what order they are going to be in so just bare with me peeps.

  1. Pretending She's Mine by Stacey Mosteller
  2. Life Before Damaged 8 by H.M. Ward
  3. Luke...... a second in a love story by Sandra Fitzgerald
  4. and anything else that gets thrown at me from now till then lol

SoOoOoOoO until then everyone have a great day and read a good book. I know I will *~~Gabby~~*

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AR 20!!!!

It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!!!!

(Some Spoliers May Pop Up)

EEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!! I am so excited to be able to tell you about this book! As you all know H.M. Ward is one of my favorite romance authors and that she has like millions and millions of copies sold world wide on her books (well at least you should know, and if you didn't now you do).

AR 20 is the new and shiny and drooly new installment to Sean and Avery's story. If you haven't been following them you are insane!!!!!!!! Avery's best friend (or is she????) shows up and gets her to leave the scene of a horrible, terrible,  just plain out awful crime. After they're all safe and sound in a something or a somewhere Mel (the best friend in question) spills the beans about A LOT of things. AHHHHH this is so hard!!!!! I want to spill the beans myself on this whole book but I'm trying so hard to. *blows hair off of forehead and takes a deep breath* Ok so things kinda sort of get really shitty of Avery and like I said if you know the story you're probably thinking how the hell can things get anymore shitty for her, but trust me they do, by like a million. Ok I think this  is kinda short but I have to stop myself right here because I know that if I don't, there is going to be a whole lotta word vomit all over this blog, and I don't want t ruin the book and have you not get it because you already know everything that happens. SO to find out what the hell happens to Avery your just going to have to go and get it yourself. Lucky for you, you can get it just about anywhere. This is the part where I put up all those fabulous linky links for you guys.  I'm not gonna post the links this time to my review on each site because well obviously this IS a review and because if you get curious you can always find them on the books page under reviews!  Have a great day and read a good book, I know I will. *~~Gabby~~*


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What up my Bloggy Peeps!!!!

Hey Hey my bloggy peeps what has everyone been up to. Me on the other hand I've been crazy busy with this stupid crazy thing called life, bleck! I will be posting up a new post on AR 20 ( I know 20 Crazy) +HM WARD is the bomb diggity when it comes to writing about the luscious Ferro men.but this is not a Review I repeat this is NOT a review, this is just to let all ya'll know I haven't forgotten about you, and what to keep your eyeballs peeled open for. OOOOOOO there may or my not be a new give way from +Stacey Mosteller  on the giveaway heads up page!