Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stacey Mosteller!!!

OK OK OK I know I'm laying it pretty heavy with all the books but that's good!!! I have another author that you guys have to check out. Her name Stacey Mosteller and yes I have only read and reviewed one of her books SO far. She has also co-written two books with the wonderful H.M. Ward which I've read and reviewed those as well. She is extremely talented in her book Save Me From Myself , I laughed and cried openly. The story of Lyric and David is SoOoOoOoOoOoOoO good. Go buy it like right now I swear it will be one of the best books you buy.

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Le-an Lai Angeles Of Sweet Addictions

As promised here another review from a lovely author Le-an Lai Angeles. She had this awesome concept going in the book Of Sweet Addictions. The only down fall is they are really short. I felt that as soon as I was warming up to a character and storyline it changed to a new one. The only criticism I can give is; give us readers a little more and not leave us hanging so much please.

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Tanja Russita

Hello everyone!  I have some new stories to tell everyone about today. First is a very cute children's book called Who is Yan by Tanja Russita. What better way to review a children's book than to read it to kids, and that's just what I did. This is a silly rhyming story that tells about an older sister trying to figure out the new baby. It is full with silly and colorful pictures that fits perfectly with the story. My kids loved it so much that I had to read  it to them several times.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

H.M. Ward!!!

OK seeing as this is a book blog I would love to start of by tell you all about my favorite author.
H.M. Ward!!!!!!! She is amazing she is the Queen of the cliffhanger I swear once you start one of her books you'll be chomping at the bit for more. Some of my favorite series by her would be...

  1. Life Before Damaged (Peter Ferro)
  2. Damaged (Peter Ferro)
  3. The Arrangement (Sean Ferro)
  4. The Proposition (Bryan Ferro)
  5. Stripped (Jon Ferro)
  6. The Secret Life of Trystan Scott  (non-Ferro)
  7. Secrets and Lies (non-Ferro)
She also has some awesome stand alone novels and novellas

  1. The Wedding Contract
  2. A Little Christmas Romance
  3. Shadows of the Past
  4. Second Chances
Remember Folks these are just some of MY favorites she has many many more that I am more than positive you'll enjoy!! Go check her out for yourself at http://www.sexyawesomebooks.com/#!/HOME

Welcome To My Page!!!!!

Hey guys I'd like to introduce to you myself . My name is Gabby Hillier and I am and avid book nerd. I enjoy all most any kind of books I've not only posted reviews on Amazon but Goodreads as well. I just launched my official Facebook page for my reviews if you want to head over there and like and check it out that's its totally fine. I'll post down bottom all the links you guys will need to get all things Gabby. If any of you have any questions comments concerns just let me know I'll be more than happy to assist you any way I can. I intend on this being a fun place where I let everyone know how I feel about the books that are in my life. I will only give and leave honest reviews, I'm not here to bash any book or author even if I don't like a book I will put in decent terms why the writing didn't agree with me. OK folks till next time


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