Saturday, September 26, 2015

To Live Again by Melody Dawn

Hello my bloggy peeps!!!! Today as you can see ^^^^^^ I will be gushing over To Live Again by Melody Dawn. Well ok soooo I am going to start off with, within the first 3 chapters I was curled up in a ball crying like a baby for its momma. Ok I know I cry a lot over the last few books that I have read but I mean come on!!! I officially think all the authors in the world have gotten together and are trying to kill me of a broken heart over these things that happen in these books. I know I'm not making much sense buuuuuuuut I don't want to give anything away which BTW is really flipping hard to do with all this epic craziness and all. SoOoOoOo our MC (main character ) in this story is named Chloe and she has something life altering happen to her and I don't mean in the good way either. She completely withdraws into herself and is determined to be set on the path of self hate for the rest of her life. Well her best friend Madison, hates that she does that to herself and thinks that she is so wrong. Uhhh hmmm I agree with Madison like 100%. But anywho one day she goes to school and this Smexy beast is sitting in her seat by the name of Jayson Reece. Yumm-o Jayson and guess what he has a twin Connor drool. Well things go from your in my seat to so much more within a very quick amount of time and I love it!!!! This book goes live very soon so keep your eyes peeled ladies!!!! This may be Mrs. Dawns first novel but I so cannot wait to see what comes next from this amazing author!! Well have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Storms of Deliverance by Larry Higdon

The Storms Of 


Johnson is not only an ex- Braves baseball player who's dreams were ripped away from him hes a drunk. With his dreams taken away from him he turns to the one thing that he knows helps, alcohol, or does it. Johnson was known for his how would can I put this his errrrrummm temper. OK the guys nickname is "Bad News Johnson" so yeah I don't think alcohol helped him out that much but anyways Johnson has become a alcoholic but denies it to the full extent. He's lost his wife and daughter already but after Katie tried once again to make things work with Johnson she finds booze in his house once again. Fed up with the lies and stories Katie writes a letter that says she will always love him but she can't do this anymore. That bothers him more anything, and after a series of events Johnson as found himself with amnesia and can't remember the last 27 years of his life. He thinks he's some sort of time traveler. As he tries to figure out  what has happened to his life more tragedy is thrown his way. How does he deal with it? Does he remember the butt munch he had become during those last 27 years? Can he fix the sins of his past?  Grab it for yourself and see!! Have a great day and read a good book I know I will *~~ Gabby~~*



Holy Shiitake Mushrooms YES PLEASE!!!!!

MANWHORE, vol. 1


When billionaire Sean Ferro crosses my path, it's my job to destroy him. His crimes are horrific and there's no way I'm letting him walk away from them. Whether he wins or loses in court is irrelevant. I'll destroy any chance he has at a happy life when this is over, whether he lands in a jail cell or not.

The arrogant bastard is more beautiful than I thought. He sits there, day after day, closed off and quiet. Dark hair pushed out of his face, and those blue eyes staring into space, unseeing. I assist the prosecution and twist his silence into apathy, steadily twisting the image of a broken man into a disturbed monster. I destroy him completely well before the end of the trial. Society hates him. And so do I.

But one night will change everything. Once chance encounter shows me my mistake. This isn't something I can't change, so I offer the only thing I know he needs--me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Revived (Snoqualmie Valley Sasquatch Book 1)

Hey Bloggy Peeps what is happening on this beautiful day (not really, its humid as hell). Guess what???? Can you guess?????? I'll give you a hint ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (psssssssttttt *stage whispers* look up). Oh yeah nooooow you see it. WELL let me tell you something, this book was not what I was expecting at all. I didn't really know what to think about a story that is clearly about a Sasquatch. I LOVED IT!!!! It's not tacky or boring in anyway what so ever. Okie Dokie Artichokeie it is time to be debriefed.

SOoOoOoOo Jenna's parents died 5yrs before and she is about to turn 18 which means she'll get everything her parents left her, their home, their stuff, everything. So when Jenna's Parents died in a car accident she went to live with her Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins Hannah and Jason. I think its kinda weird that Jenna and Hannah who ARE cousins look so freaking much alike people call them the twins. But anywho back on track, the girls head out to the old trailer of Jenna's to see how everything has held up over the years seeing she's moving back there when she turns 18 and even though someones been out there to clean and take care of the home and grounds over the years.

While leaving the home and having memories fly back at the two girls they happen to remember Hannah's "imaginary" friend Adam. Which they find out pn the first day of school that Adam is not imaginary and is a real live person and that he is really in school with them now. CRAZY right well let me just tell you people are jerks I'm sure you already know that and all but really people are uber jerks and deserve to get their lips split open *cough cough*. What secrets lie in wait, just waiting to be reveled and expose the truth and how will the truth affect everyone. GO GET THE BOOK AND FIND OUT!!! Well then everyone Have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*



Saturday, September 5, 2015

Stay With Me Tonight by Whitney D.

Holy hotness!!!! This is definitely an 18+ book but DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNN. Bellamy is fiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnne!! Twisted and dark and is hiding something but is absolutely yummy. Kate is our MC ( main character) in this book and she's been burned before by the male race (who hasn't nowadays). So here is a little debrief on our book today.

Kate Conrad is a college graduate who is looking for her first real job after graduation. If Kate can't find a job she's stuck with only one option..... move back with her parents. Kate had sworn off men.  Until one night when she goes out with her one friend and she meets the dark and mysterious Bellamy( yes ladies its OK if you drool now). 

Bellamy is the most attractive man that Kate or any woman has ever laid eyes on. When he comes up to her she brushes him off and tells him that she's not "that" girl . When he comes back with, that she's exactly the kind of girl he is looking for and in detail tells her what he wants to do, she leaves. Out again with her sorority sisters she sees Bellamy and decides to give him a shot, but in the middle of the night she sneaks out of his house because sleeping over is strictly a big no no in her book. 

Kate has just about given up looking for a job when she lands an interview for this amazing job. Something about the VP who is interviewing her just seems awfully familiar. She lands the job but is shocked to find out who her new boss is. What leads to one of the biggest OMG endings I have ever read like ever??? Well I guess you guys are gonna have to head on over to Amazon and get it yourself to find out!! Have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*