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Kristen Hope Mazzola Spotlight!!!!

Oh well ello my bloggy peeps!!!! I would like to introduce you to Miss Kristen Hope Mazzole. Oh Looky here she is aint she pretty folks...
 You may have heard of her or you may have not.... But if not don't worry I got to ask her a few questions so that we feel like all life long friends. Ok Maybe not really but kinda a little bit. I kinda just stumbled across this author on Facebook in a group and was like hmmm 'she kinda looky kinda interesting! lets check her out!' As you know I havent been there for you guys like i should have been and I'm SORRY I'm SO SORRY * melodramatically wails* Miss me *lifts eyebrow questioningly* Okie Dokie Pokie enough about me and now on to Khmazz. That is what we will be calling Miss Mazzola for the remainder of our time thank you very much sooooo anywho oh look a teaser .....
Khmazz has 20 yes you read me right 20 books that she has released with a whole lotta different subject matter we go you some military, some RomCom, Sports, Erotica and like her newest release MC.....
Here is a list of her books now!!!
  • Unbearable
  • Unacceptable
  • Untouchable
  • Passion, Vows & Babies: Cherry Pickers
  • Rough & Tumble
  • Unspeakable
  • Hat Trick
  • Foreplay: A Teaser Anthology of First Chapters
  • Playoff Beard
  • Falling Back Together
  • Unbreakable 
  • Crashing Back Down
  • Cross Checked
  • The Hysterics
  • Stupid Hearts
  • Lust & Love
  • Colt & Serena
  • The Huntress
  • The Hopeless
  • The Nameless
SOoOoO with so many different books instead of giving the linky links for all of the books I'll give you all her links including her Amazon down bottom. Oooooooh do I smell a blurb......
Well I did say I had a little Q & A going on??? I did , didn't I! Well lets get to it then peeps!

Kristen Hope Mazzola
Aka khmazz

ME: How have you gotten to this point with your stories?

KHMAZZ: Honestly, a lot of hard work, a little bit of luck, the support of amazing readers and connections I have made in the industry. I have been very fortunate to have made friends with incredible authors that have mentored me. Bloggers have been a huge help and I am thankful for the ones that I have become close with over the years. I also have an incredible publicist that is a HUGE help.

ME: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

KHMAZZ: I think the first time I truly considered myself a real writer (no longer an aspiring one) was when I held Crashing Back Down, my first novel, in paperback for the first time.

ME: Why did you get into writing?

KHMAZZ: I had always written poetry, but I started writing short stories while I was working as a executive assistant for an import/export company in Miami. My boss was a total jerk and was actually part of the Cuban mafia. It was a miserable six months while I looked for another job. I started writing to fill my time and take my mind off of how horrible my job was.

ME: Now I love music just as much as reading, I normally listen to music while I am reading, cleaning, taking a shower, well pretty much when I do anything. Do you think that your characters have theme songs? What would they be?

KHMAZZ: I think that my characters all have been influenced by different music that I love. I often listen to songs that remind me of my characters while I am driving. Since I have so many characters at this point, I’ll just give one example. Scarlett from my most recent release, Unbearable, walks in on her husband cheating. Her theme song is totally Ex-Old Man by Kristen Kelly. https://youtu.be/FDpvzCzwHjk

ME:Are the experiences in your books fact based or from your imagination?

KHMAZZ: Almost all of my writing comes from my imagination.

ME: Which comes first? The character's story or, the idea for the novel?

KHMAZZ: Usually it is a character. One simple person that needs their story to be told and then I build their world around them.

ME: What kind of writer are you? Do your stories come to you in dreams? Or do they play like a scene from a movie over and over again in your head until you write it down?

KHMAZZ: My stories come to me as flashes of a movie, like a little snippet of a scene or a flash.

ME: Was there a point when you were writing that you stopped and thought to yourself no that character wouldn’t do that or that character wouldn’t say that?

KHMAZZ: Of course, each character has his or her own style and voice, sometimes it isn’t until I am editing that I realize that a certain character wouldn’t feel a specific way or say something the way I had written it. I try to stay as true to who they are as much as possible.

ME: Are you one of those writers that follow a strict plot line and write how you draft it? Or do you let the characters do the writing for you?

KHMAZZ: I am what a lot of people in the call a pantser… what that means is that I ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ while writing. I hardly ever outline or stick to it if I do write one out. I let my characters take me where they need to go.

ME: You write all different types of stories from Military, RomCom and like your newest book Unbearable which is a MC book! Which of all the different styles do you like the most.  

KHMAZZ: I don’t really have a favorite. I love writing in tons of different subgenres because I get to explore so many different types of characters that way. I love to be able to super dark and twisted in my MC books but then light and funny in my RomComs. It really depends on my mood and how I am feeling. I write 2-3 different books at a time for this very reason. I always have one main project and then a few on the back burner so I don’t get bored and it helps keep writer’s block away for me.

ME: Out of all the books that you have released *cough cough* 20 *cough cough* do you have a favorite leading man?

KHMAZZ: That is a very hard question. I love all of the men in my books for different reasons. Dane Pearson from The Hysterics is the sweetest, most perfect book boyfriend - he comes from a terrible past and should be jaded from his life experiences, but he is just the opposite. Abel from Unacceptable is a single dad that has a soft spot for his little girl but to everyone else he is a strong leader and is kind of a jerk. Bear from Unbearable is a strong alpha protector that craves to love his club and his woman equally and struggles to find the balance. I could go on and on with each of my main males and the secondary characters. I truly do love them all.

ME: Lastly how do you plan and moving on from this point? What else can we expect to see from you?

KHMAZZ: I am going to be continuing to work on spin offs from my back list of books that my readers have been begging for while jumping into dark BDSM erotica. I am so excited for that new endeavor. I have been wanting to dive into darker things for a while now and it is finally time to make the leap.
Now I highly recommend  everybody stalk her like now.. Like RIGHT now!!! Ok Ok calm down I see some of you might already have been stalking but all of you *points all around in general* stalk read be merry you wont be disappointed.

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OK my dear Bloggy Peeps I've giving you some homework now hop to it skippy *shrugs shoulders* I don't know some times I really don't i open my mouth and these things just come out well any who. Have a great day and read a good book. I know I will
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So my loves I am back did you miss me well I sure as heck missed you if the feeling is not mutual I get it I really do I have been neglecting you guys for far to long and I understand your hurt but I'm going to try and do my most very best to make thing to to all of you, with lots of reviews and maybe even a video who knows but just know I am getting back into the swing of things and you guys are never ever never forgotten.

Read a good book, I know I will