Monday, May 4, 2015

Life Before Damaged 6 juicy review!!

It's Live PEEPS!!!!

OKAY so as promised LBD 6 (Life before Damaged 6 for those of you who STILL aren't in the know) has gone live on all sites *blows party horn and throw confetti*. That means my lovelies that I can get nice a juicy with my details on the book. Weeeeeeeeee and yes, yes I am excited if you haven't noticed by now. SoOooOooO in this one its starts off right where 5 left of which I've already told you but it does and its in the middle of the very heated decision where Gina has to either agree to marry bad boy Pete or forfeit the family business to the Ferro's (well really Constance) and whined up in jail!!! * twiddles thumbs*She may have thrown a rave and burned down one of the family owned warehouses. Well she didn't burn it down that happen do to a fight with Pete and another guy. Yup that's why she's kinda stuck with Pete she 'hosted' the rave and he fudged it up times a million. Well Gina thinking of her family's good name and reputation sucks it up and agrees to marry Pete. I this point Ginas got it bad for Pete but she doesn't want to admit it she rather say that she hates him. Pete is pissed he doesn't want to do this and neither does she really I mean who would want to be married to some one but not really be married to them yeah know. Yes they would be legally married but he'd be with anything with a hole willing to spread it(that's just Pete back then). One of my many favorite quotes comes into play around this part of the book where she is sitting in the hall with Pete letting him know its ok she rather marry him then hurt her family more than she already has uh hmm "It's way better than serving a jail sentence with a toothless tattooed dominatrix as my cellmate.... Massive chin hair she can't pluck and an 'I heart Ponies' tattoo across her chest" BAHAHAHAHAHA I mean come on H.M Ward rocks you have to admit that's freaking funny. Yeah another fave quote which Gina says shortly after her hallway convo with Pete is this one about Creepy Connie "I wish I had a voodoo doll. I wonder if they sell them on Amazon." Yeah there is a lot of times in this book where I grantee you'll bust out laughing and have people look at you like your crazy, hey it happens when you read her books. Well any who after everything is said and done Mr. Granz goes like batshit crazy and throws Gina out on her ass hmmm lovely daddy right, wrong he's a major dick wad. Well she goes and has a touching moment with dear ol mom while packing which is just Momma Granz and I wont give tooooooo much away but you'll tear up at the moment and then laugh your butt off because we find out where Gina gets her goose laugh from! Gina moves in with her bestie Erin, GOD I love that chick!!! I mean the stuff that comes outta her mouth. Get this Gina tells her everything and I do mean everything and you know what the girl comes back with " So let me get this straight: you're going to marry Pete-Fuck-Me-Up-Against-A-Wall-Ferro?" Yup this is one of the many many reasons I love Erin, oh yeah and she has cooch envy what girl doesn't. While the girls are watching 'T.V.' (when you read it you'll understand the quotation marks)  dum dum dum Pissy Pete shows up. Ok then some stuff happens again not gonna say but I threw my phone at the end of the book. YEEEEAAAHHH right across the living room. H.M. Ward is the Queen of the Cliffhangers so this is to be expected especially with a reader like me I kinda get into it a wee bit. Now Imma post my links for my reviews and links to buy the books from all sites.
Have fun and read a good book. I know I will *~~Gabby~~*
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