Guide Lines for Reviews!!

Hey everyone it was brought to my attention that I didn't have a page that had what I kinda look for or what I ask for in a book to review so here you guys go a little overview for any author who is looking me up for a review =D

  1. I will only leave an HONEST review on your book. If I love it or I hate. I'll rate it accordingly and will put why or why not I liked your book.
  2. I prefer PDF files if you have them because my table hates me 95% of the time and wont download mobi go figure right.
  3. I can get Amazon books because I do have the Kindle app
  4. If you have a paperback and are willing to send that to me I would LOVE it. Nothing beats an actual book!
  5.  I'm not a picky reader, I like all Genres. If you have a children's book I have the perfect audience for that! My 2 1/2, 6, and 7 1/2 yr old kids. I'll read your book to them and then they'll give me all the feed back I need =)
  6.  Some times a get a few authors at a time asking for reviews and I have to go in order of what books I get first. I hope you all understand that and can be patient.

If you guys have any  questions at all you can contact me on my review page on Facebook. 

Gabby's Honest Book Reviews  

And my email (its really not a shocker people) 

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