Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Scars of Us by Nikki Sparxx (aka Nikki Narvaez)

Holy Love of Ryker!!!


Ok so I read this book a wee bit ago, a few days actually, Friday I finished it on Friday. I wanted to blog about it right when I was done but you know that crazy thing called life yeah that kinda happens to me from time to time. Not to mention the shirt pulling and much more than occasional "MOM, MOM, MOMMY, MOMMY,MOMMA, MOMMA" That I get in my ear every 2.2 seconds. I swear I live with Stewie from family guy most days.  
But back to this fabulous book and I mean I really think this book is awesome and there should be no more distractions from it! Well the back round stories of  these two main characters in this story is so heart breaking it is insane. A word of warning if you were sexual abused at any point in your life something's in this may trigger some flash backs of your own terrible experience. I wouldn't turn away from this book per say for that reason tho because it shows no matter what, no matter how broken you may think you are there maybe someone out there that is more than willing to take you scars and all, and try to make everything better for you. If your ever so lucky to find someone like that, don't turn them away, let them help you because nobody should have to deal with something like that alone , even if it happened years ago it still haunts you. Ryker is more than willing to do that for Kaiya if she would only let him in. Does she let him in? What scars are Ryker hiding himself? Will Kaiya have to re-live her haunting past? Find out all the answers to these questions and more in The Scars of Us by Nikki Narvaez. So ya'll know the drill I will post up the links for all the sites and from there you can buy and read this Epic book to your hearts content!!!
Have fun and read a good book. I know I will *~~Gabby~~*
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