Friday, June 5, 2015

Polar Heat by Simone Beaudelaire

Polar Heat



Okie Dokie you guys ready for this one? So Polar Heat is about a women named Riley Jenkins who runs away to Alaska to get away from her wicked stepbrother (not a wicked stepsister for once). Danny (the stepbrother) not only physically beat the hell outta her he also mentally attacked her too and I don't mean with words either. Which all that stuff comes out in the end when he finds her and then kidnapped her to try I force her to open a safe she had no freaking clue about. Danny is a complete whack-a-dew. Well anyway before all that happens Riley runs away to a small town or towns in Alaska, where she will be the kindergarten teacher two days a week in each town. The crazy thing about that is she just cant drive from town to town, that's where hunky Russel Tadzea comes in. Russ is a man of many talents and one of them is flying Riley from town to town in a itty bitty tiny plane. Oh and he can shift into a Polar Bear (not like other shifters in stories the bear is a huge part of who Russel is, the bear is literally a part of him). Russel from the begining knows that Riley is his mate because of something called 'scenting' but he can tell that Riley is to shy and timid for anything to move to fast. Russ along with being able to shift into a freaking Polar Bear,  has other abilities due to his mixed bloodlines, he can dream walk which surprisingly so can Riley. Slowly piece by piece Russ get to know Riley and her him, then one day a really bad storm is headed there way and Russ has to get her home before she is stuck. Weeeeeelllll in the misted of trying to get her home they may have gotten hit by some freezing rain and a tree branch may have gone through the window and Russ may have had to do an 'emergency landing'. So up shit creek without a paddle basically. Russ finds a cave to hold up shelter in until the rain stops and they can get to his house. Riley is absolutely freezing her bum off and sleeping and Russ knows what he has to do to keep her safe and warm (its all or nothing right). He shifts to his bear form and wraps all around her to keep her snugly warm. They dream walk and he tells her almost everything. Ok from there creep-o Danny finds her Russ and Riley get a very crazy surprise and there is loads of hot and steamy parts that are not pointless they actually fold perfectly with this story. No more yummy details for you, you want more then click the linky linkys below to get your own and find out all the yumtasticluar details for yourself!!
Have fun and read a good book. I know I will *~~Gabby~~*



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