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Stay With Me Forever by Whitney D

Stay With Me Forever
Whitney D
Oh my gaaaaaawwwwwddd!!!!! This is the second book to the Drake brothers series and let me just tell you oh hot damn!!! If you haven't read the first one Stay With me Tonight

 stop reading this right this instant and go get that book. But Bellemy nooooooooooo and then Turner yaaaaaaaasssssss then Wtf and how'd that happen and Oh sweet sugar honey iced tea and a whole lotta Da-damns. I'm excited that Kate gets her HEA but I so want more so so so much more. This book is steamy and hawt but your also on the edge of you're seat hoping that all goes well and ahhhh.  You just have to read it like now go. Have a good day and read a great book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*

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cover reveal !!!!


Cover Reveal:

This Is Living


Melody Dawn

Dec 17th

Hardcover Book    
The first time Jayson Reece saw Chloe Schaeffer, he knew she would be his forever. He promised her then that he would show her how to live rather than just letting life pass her by. Now, 9 years later, they’ve had the storybook romance, a picture perfect wedding, and two twin boys to complete the family they always wanted.
But something is missing…

With two rambunctious boys, Chloe decides to be a stay-at-home mom until the boys are old enough to go to school. So, with her dreams of being a social worker put on hold, she throws everything she has into being the perfect mother and wife.
Jayson has a very demanding career as an Emergency Room physician. He tries to balance out his workload and that of being a family man, but lately his job has come first. Is he beginning to lose focus on the things that are most important to him?

Will Chloe’s drive for perfection and the challenges of Jayson’s career drive them apart? Or will they realize that love creates the perfection she desires and the balance he needs to keep his family together?
There’s only one thing left to do. Jayson needs to renew his promise to Chloe and she needs to trust Jayson to get them back to where they belong.
A place where living and loving is required…those only wanting to exist need not apply.

This is living teaser 1this is living teaser 3
Walking up to the nurse’s station, I see Tanya, one of the nurses that has been in the ER as long as Jayson has been here for his residency. We have gotten to know each other and she loves my babies. And they love her too. Braxton sees her first and takes off running while screaming her name. I chase after him, but damn, he is getting faster each day…they both are. He reaches the desk before I do, but it’s ok because she has already come out from behind it and grabs him up.
“Hey B-man, what’s up? Give Aunt Tanya a hug and give me some dirt on your daddy so I can blackmail him next time he’s mean to me.”
I don’t think he knows what dirt or blackmail means, but he shakes his head yes and laughs anyway. By this time, Brendon has reached her also and she is hugging him to her although he remains on the ground. Not missing a beat she grins at Brendon with her next words.
“There is my second little man. How are you, sweet cheeks?”
  Like clockwork, Brendon gives her a pointed look and says, “I was born first, Aunt Tanya, I’m #1.”
She laughs while I shake my head because I have definitely heard this refrain before and from another set of twins: their dad and their uncle. Thank god, he isn’t saying he’s sexy or has got all the goods. I’m waiting for that day to happen. Please god let it be when he’s at least a teenager. Somehow I know it won’t be because Jayson and Connor still don’t have a filter even after having kids. They try to be stealthy about it, but they don’t get it that kids hear everything.
With all the commotion going on, I happen to notice another nurse behind the counter, one that I’m not familiar with. She is watching me like I’m going to whip out a weapon or something…I’m not sure. Something about her makes me wary of the way she is watching us.
I focus on her nametag and it says Melissa. Mentally, I roll my eyes in disgust because it is very close to another name from the distant past that I don’t want to remember at all. She hasn’t taken her eyes off of the scene in front of her and it looks like she is annoyed. The more she stares, the more I become upset. What the hell is this witch’s problem?
Tanya notices that my attention is elsewhere and looks to see what has me preoccupied. When she sees who I’m staring at, she grimaces in disgust. What is that about? Melissa’s stare makes me feel exposed so I grab Brendon up and tell Tanya that I’m looking for Jayson. I see the new nurse jerk her head up again when I say Jayson’s name. What happens next floors me.
“Why are you looking for Dr. Reece? Is there something I can help you with?”
I blink rapidly and feel my breathing increase. Tanya notices my reaction and jumps to the rescue.
“Melissa, this is Jayson’s wife, Chloe, and his sons. Of course, if you can’t see who these two belong to, then your powers of observation are way off and you don’t belong in the ER where those skills are necessary for patients to be treated successfully.”
Ha ha, go Tanya! Melissa, who I’ve started calling the fucking bitch nurse in my mind sniffs and rolls her eyes. “Whatever…I was just trying to be helpful.” As she walks away, my temper gets the best of me and I mutter quietly, “fucking bitch.”
Tanya smothers a laugh because evidently I didn’t do it quietly enough. Braxton’s eyes get big and he tells me, “Mama, you hab to put money in the jar.” Oops. I thought I said it where they couldn’t hear. Now, I will never hear the end of it.
Unfortunately my boys are well acquainted with swearing and yes, we do have a swear jar.  Since their dad, their uncle, and their cousin, Brayden, can’t clean up their mouths, I figured out a way to make some money which I can use to get my mani/pedis, waxes, and my hair done. Not that Jayson would deny me these things; I just enjoy holding it over their heads how much money I make off of them because these guys swear…a lot.
I grin to myself when I think of my money making enterprise. It’s all good…sometimes I think they swear more just so I will make a big deal and fuss about it. I keep telling Jayson he is going to regret it when one of their teachers calls us about the boys using bad language. God, I guess soon my boys will be putting money in the swear jar!
As for me, I am usually more reserved than this and wait to have my swearing fits behind a locked bathroom door where the boys can’t hear me. Crap; I know they are going to tell their dad. How can I get out of this? I reach into my mom’s arsenal and pull out bribery…shut up, you would do it too.
“Mama didn’t mean it; I shouldn’t have said that. Let’s not tell anyone, ok. How about I take y’all to get ice cream when we leave here?”
Jesus, am I really bargaining with two toddlers? Yes, I am because I need my record to stay intact. Or I will never hear the end of it. I see Tanya’s mouth twitching and give her an elbow to the ribs. She just rolls her eyes and whispers, “You know they are going to tell.”
They probably are, but more important things are going on. Right now, I am focusing on the beautiful man in scrubs headed my way. He hasn’t seen me yet but I know when he does, his panty-melting smile is going to spread across his face.
He looks up at that moment and sees me and the boys and guess what, I’m right…there is the smile. I smile back instantly and the boys soon see who has my attention. They take off running screaming “Daddy” and I know he knows they are there because even when they slam into him, he keeps smiling at me.
“Wow, I think I’m going to get pregnant just looking at you two.”
this is living teaser 4this is living teaser 5this is living teaser 6 
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To Live Again

(The Living Series Book 1)

Chloe has the perfect life or so everyone thinks.
She tried to leave her past behind, but it follows her like a dark shadow. Drowning in guilt, she's dying to live, but sees no way out. So she tries to fool herself and everyone else into believing she is fine.
But Jayson sees through the act that Chloe puts up for everyone else and he's going to do everything in his power to help her to live again.
Can Chloe let go, or will that night forever ruin her future?

Free on Kindle Unlimited
c597e-trailer   https://s3.amazonaws.com/embed.animoto.com/play.html?w=swf/production/vp1&e=1443361851&f=aIOPDSRvNFEjMflqJaOg3A&d=0&m=a&r=360p&i=m&asset_domain=s3-p.animoto.com&animoto_domain=animoto.com&options=
breaking upteaser
author logo.jpg
Melody Dawn is a contemporary romance author residing in the southern part of the US. She started reading romance novels when she was a teenager and became addicted to Happily Ever After’s. She got her own HEA when she met her soulmate 20 years ago and they have been together ever since. They have two furbabies who think they are Kings of the Castle and require a ton of attention. When she is not reading or writing, she loves to refurbish old furniture into new pieces, scrapbook, and most of all spend time with her main guy.
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My Lovely Bloggy Peeps!!!

OH my loves!!!
Hey everyone I know its been dead air here for a little bit . It's just been with the holidays and things have been even more hectic than the norm. Oh and the lovely Pa weather we're having is just the best ( hint if you can't tell I'm be sarcastic). I mean seriously one minute its nice and warm where you just need a hoodie  and the warmth of the sun is kissing your your face and all is good with the world theeeeeeeeen!!!! Bam What! Grab your parka, hat, gloves, scarfs, hand warmers and electric blankets. Because if you don't the weather gods will freeze a number of different body parts off. Oh yeah and lets not even get started on the wind. You walk outside while its blowing its like Wha Bam! Bitch slap by some wind. Than for us ladies its like a million times worse, because we have the hair. You know exactly what I'm talking about, you know when the wind is whipping and your hair is flying everywhere and its hitting you repeatedly in the face, and that feeling of a zillion tiny needles stabbing you in the face like your hair is punishing you for going outside 'Ha take that! Feel the sting, feel the sting!'. But one thing I can say though is thank the weather gods for just giving us rain and not snow. I hate snow with a fiery passion. If my hate for snow was a superpower where I could melt snow with my hate We probably wouldn't have any polar ice caps I'm just saying. The only time its OK for snow to show its ugly face is on Christmas, than no more. Because snow isn't a real word it really means Shit No One Wants S.N.O.W. Well with all the whacked out weather and my kids with their amazing listening skills all have colds to some degree. It ranges from a little sniffling and a cough here and there to full blown bronchitis. Who wins I win, yeah no not really and you know what the cherry on top of the sunda is. I mean I always tell my kids about sharing but not stomach bugs. My tummy hurts!! But in book nerd fashion I will have reviews up soon for Broken Promises by the fantabulous H.M. Ward and one called It was nearly mine by a different author. So have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*

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Luke spotlight!!


ONE night, back in 2012, I went to bed.
Nothing out of the usual there. I went to bed almost every night back in 2012. As I did every night in the years before that and the years after. I say almost every night, because a fair share of those nights may have really been early mornings.
However, I digress...
On this particular night, that welcome sinking sensation eluded me. I’d just gotten to the point where your body becomes heavy, completely relaxed and ready to succumb to six to eight hours of blissful darkness, when a sequence of images started filtering through my mind – a movie reel on repeat. Over and over the same section of film would play.
I spent hours, night after night, tossing and turning, trying to shut them off. I’d fail every single time.
My husband, having had enough of my restlessness, very nicely – with a hand pushing in the middle of my back and me out of the bed – suggested I write the images down to hopefully get them to stop.
115k words later I had my first full-length manuscript.
That’s how I got started.
My husband’s desperate need for sleep.
I was first published in The Australia Times online magazine with one of my children's stories, Imagine If and have gone on to have a flutter of short stories in the adult genre published also.
I'm also a mum with weird kids and wouldn't want them to be any other way.
I have been lucky to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends - they know who they are - who are kind enough to not question my sanity when I refer to my fictional characters as real people.

Love Big & Love Hard
Love like it's you last day on earth.

Luke ...the second in a LOVE story
Sandra Fitzgerald

I’m balancing an armful of drinks and attempting to carry two large bowls of chips outside when Maggie comes stumbling in, giggling. She throws an empty Canadian Club in the general direction of the rubbish bin, covering her mouth and mumbling something that I think is supposed to be an apology when it lands in the sink.
Smiling, she sways over to me – clearly a lightweight in the alcohol department – and dives a hand into one of the bowls I’m trying not to drop. She clips the edge and knocks both the bowls off balance, sending the salt and vinegars flying, scattering them over the bench and the floor. Some even land on top of the fridge. Maggie’s bug-eyed expression is priceless and no matter how hard I try, I can’t hold back my laughter.
Mortified, she drops to her knees, crushing anything within reach, and starts scooping up handfuls. Handfuls of chips, rubbish, pretty much anything within her reach.
Pinching back my grin, I kneel besides her and help, watching the strain on her mouth as she tries to hold back her reaction. Knocking my shoulder into her side breaks the seal and has us both cracking up. Maggie’s laughing so hard she curls up and lies down on her side, clutching onto her stomach.
“Stop making me laugh.” She’s pretending to be angry with me, but she sucks at the angry, so I don’t get offended. “You’re killing me.”
“What? You did this?”
“But you don’t have to make it so damn funny.” Maggie gasps for breath, pushing her bare feet into my side.
Oh, she wants funny, huh? I happen to be an expert on funny.
I grab hold of her ankles and drag her so I’m kneeling between her legs. Then I lean forward, raising her arms. I hold them in one hand over her head and attack her ribs, tickling her until she’s squealing and thrashing beneath me. She accidently knees me high on the inside of my leg, just below my balls. Reflexively, I flinch and end up lying on top of her, my mouth almost touching hers.
Her warm breath brushes across my face and fill my lungs. Then, just like that, Maggie’s all that I can see; all that there is. And now I don’t want to breathe anything else for the rest of my life.
Her eyes lower to my mouth, her tongue snaking out to wet her full lips, and I’m done. It’s a dog of a thing to do and we’ve both been drinking, but I can’t help it. I’m so gone on this girl.
My face lowers, jaw slackens, and my lips rest on hers. I mean to be gentle – the perfect first kiss – but the second I get a taste, my sensors explode; my nerve endings burn and zero in on my dick. My tongue’s in her mouth, invading her with all the passion that’s been building for as long as I can remember. All the wet dreams, the long cold showers that never worked, all the hard-ons – everything detonates into this one kiss.

Blog Interview Questions

Me: How have you gotten to this point with your stories?

Sandra:I started writing another manuscript (which hasn’t been published yet) a few years ago when the idea for Maggie’s story (Maggie’s Five ...the first in a love story) came to me. The moment I was done with the manuscript, I opened up a new word doc. and started writing.
Literally – I typed the magical words: The End. Saved the doc. Started Maggie.
When Maggie’s was done, Luke began to develop. It’s funny because I had my Maggie blinkers on during her story, and those things were dark. I didn’t really know much about Luke at the time other than he is a sweet, sweet man with blonde hair and blue eyes.
When I stared writing Luke and thought, ‘is he? Is he really that nice? Is anyone really that nice?’ He blew out to over 180k words, so I ended up splitting him in two.
Poor thing. ;)

Me:When did you first consider yourself a writer?

SF: Ha! I don’t know if I do yet.
Words come to me and I put them down. I let them evolve and see if they’ve got legs or not, then go from there. Sometimes they do and end up as short stories, sometimes they end up as more. Sometimes they become uncompleted pages in my computer.

Me: Now I love music just as much as reading, I normally listen to music while I am reading, cleaning taking a shower pretty much when I do anything. Do you think that your characters have theme songs? What would they be?

SF: I love music too, much to my family’s dismay. We seem to have a differing opinion on what’s good and what’s not. Obviously they’ve got it wrong.
I always have something playing in the background, and yes... the hum has been known to become more of an ear-ringing sound-fest.
I don’t know if Luke and Sophie have a song(s) as such. I like to mix up what I’m listening to. I do have a play list though that includes, The Kings of Leon – Don’t matter, Twin Atlantic – Heart and Soul, The Veronicas – You ruin me, One Republic – Love Runs Out, Paloma Faith – Only Love Can Hurt Like This. There’s also the Foo Fighters, Milky Chance, Pink, Ed Sheeran, Muse... the list could go on...

Me: Are the experiences in your book fact based or from your imagination?

SF: Sometimes I’ll catch a word, or phrase, a sentence, and something clicks, sparks my imagination. The rest just comes.
The hill race actually came from my nephew bantering with some friends. Of course I embellished fantastically. It grew into the beginning of Luke’s journey. Now whenever we’re all sitting around talking, someone ends up calling out, ‘Careful, you might end up in one of Sandra’s books.’
Everyone laughs... it’s so funny... and looks at me out of the corner of their eyes.
I think there might be a few people that would be okay with being in one of my books. Guess they better be nice then, so I don’t kill them off or make them ugly, huh? :)

Me : Which comes first? The character's story or, the idea for the novel?

SF: The characters story, for sure. I get a visual of what they look like and a feel for them. I start to put words down; sometimes I stop after a couple of chapters. Other times I keep going to the end.

Me: What kind of writer are you? Do your stories come to you in dreams? Or do they play like a scene from a movie over and over again in your head until you write it down?

SF: Definitely a movie reel on repeat in my head. That’s actually how I got started. I couldn’t sleep. I’d go to bed and toss and turn so much my husband, very nicely – with a hand pushing in the middle of my back and me out of the bed – suggested I write the images down to hopefully get them to stop. 115k words later I stopped and I had my first full-length manuscript.

Me :What was your motivation for Luke’s story?
SF:I needed to get to know Luke. I had this random guy staying with an old acquaintance after she lost her family. Weird, right?
I needed to find out more. What got him there? Why did he stay? Why didn’t he do something about Red? That was a big one. Why didn’t Luke do more to protect Maggie from Red?
I also didn’t want this book to be Luke’s version of Maggie’s events. I needed him to have his own story.

Me: Was there a point when you were writing that you stopped and thought to yourself no that character wouldn’t do that or that character wouldn’t say that?

SF: Absolutely, yes. My editor, Meg Hellyer brought it a few times too... ‘Do you think he’d really say that?’ ‘It doesn’t sound too much like a Nana Mouskouri song?’
Hey, The White Rose of Athens rocked in it day!
For me, Jon has a majority of the good lines, he’s charismatic and outgoing, a lot of fun to write. I had to make sure I kept his words separate to Luke’s.

Me: Are you one of those writers that follow a strict plot line and write how you draft it? Or do you let the characters do the writing for you?

SF: The character’s write themselves. I don’t know if this is ideal. I’d like to be better at plotting and using a timeline to keep me on track. But at the moment, this feels like the right way for me.

Me: Lastly how do you plan and moving on from this point? What else can we expect to see from you?
SF: I’m currently doing re-writes on the rest of Luke’s story.
Yes, there’s more. Boy, is there more.
The third book does need to be read after the second, but still not necessarily before Maggie’s Five. It was important to me that the first two books are separate journeys and can be read as stand-alones. Given I didn’t plan on Luke exploding into so many words, he does need to be read in order. Be prepared though, there’s no preamble, no soft and fluffies, when the third books starts, it starts.
I also want to get back to my original manuscript and polish it up.

I am in a state of utter shock!!! I have never done this before and I hope that I never ever in my life do this again and to such an amazing book I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it is. The books release was Oct 11th and I didn’t get my review up or my blog spot light or anything and I am so freaking unbelievingly sorry Sandra!!!

Luke’s story is one of the most heartbreaking stories ever it just makes you feel so bad, I just want to jump in the book and hold the poor guy. This is book two in a love story but you don’t have to read one but I definitely want to after reading this one. Luke just can’t seem to catch a break the poor guy.  From the very first page you instantly fall in love with Luke as we meet him as a High Schooler just messing around with his friends. As his life moves on he is hit with one thing after another. I have read a many of books with crazy cliffhangers but nothing I repeat nothing has prepared me for a cliffhanger of this magnitude. I love that this story wasn’t all glitter and rainbows, it felt real like this was someone’s real life I was reading about and there is no way that I’ll not read number three when it comes out.  When you read books about love and romance you expect the character to have happily ever afters. Well let me just tell you this up front things don’t alwys work out the way we think they should!! Go grab your copy like now!! Have a great day and read a good book. I know I will *~~Gabby~~*



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Stacey Mosteller Nashville U halloween

Meet the Nashville U Crew
Here's a fun little scene that Stacey wrote to intro you to the characters coming this winter. Enjoy - and Happy Halloween!

Peyton rushes around her small apartment putting out bowls of food and bags of chips wearing a long, ice-blue, sparkly dress. In the month since I forced her and Max binge watch Disney movies with me, the nickname of the popular ice queen has caught on with our little group. Luckily, instead of plotting my murder, she’s embracing it this Halloween and dressing the part for the Halloween party she just had to have.
“I can’t believe you wore that for the party,” she complains, still frowning at me when she comes back to the kitchen.
I look down at my black t-shirt and black skinny jeans in confusion. “What? I’m dressed up.” My voice is defensive, because I know I put way almost no thought into my costume. I thought it was clever though - Kat being a cat for Halloween.
“You’re dressed like it’s any normal day,” Peyton says with a roll of her eyes. “The only difference is, you don’t usually look like a goth wannabe with cat ears.” She ignores my glare as she continues trying to make sure everything is perfect for tonight.
I don’t know why she’s so concerned, the only people who are going to be here are our usual crew. SarahBeth is out with her brother, his girlfriend, my sister and her baby daddy. Surprisingly, Livvie and Emmett are coming here instead, but they were the only unknowns aside from Annabelle. I’m still not sure if she’s coming. She hasn’t been much for parties as long as I’ve known her.
“Hey! I have whiskers too!” I say, pointing to where the black lines are drawn on either side of my nose. She waves me off in exasperation just as the first people arrive.
Wyatt is the first one to get to the door, and when I see who’s on the other side, I grimace. Clay walks in wearing a t-shirt and Meghan. She’s vapid and shallow. Peyton can’t stand her, but she’s been hanging all over Clay since football season started. She’s dressed in an extremely unsurprising “sexy” nurse outfit, complete with a skirt that barely covers her considerable assets, and hanging on Clay’s arm like she’s afraid he’ll desert her.
Max walks in behind them, thankfully alone, and pulls me into a quick hug when he sees me. He kisses my forehead, much like a favorite uncle would, before grabbing Peyton around the waist and smacking a loud kiss on her lips. Wyatt jerks him away from her with a scowl. “Get your own girl, asshole.” Max laughs at his possessiveness, but I can’t help but feel a little jealous. Peyton just got more romantic attention from Max than I ever have.
I watch them sadly, not noticing when Clay comes to stand beside me until I hear him laugh. “Aw, Kitty Kat, you look precious.” I turn to glare at him, and he’s grinning broadly. Reaching out a finger, he drags it along the tail attached to my jeans and smirks. “You know what would make this better?”
I narrow my eyes at him, sure I’m not going to like whatever it is he says. “What?”
“If this tail was a little more … attached.” He winks, but I don’t get his meaning. When he sees my confusion, he laughs. “I mean; I’d be more impressed if there was a hole right here.” He pokes the seam of my jeans, right where the tail is pinned on. “A cat tail plug would be way more fun to tug.”
It still takes me a second to get his meaning, but when I do, I gasp, my eyes going wide as saucers and my face bursting into flames. “You’re so gross, Clay!” I slap him on the arm and scrunch my nose up in disgust. “That’s disgusting.”
He starts to laugh, and soon he’s bent at the waist and gasping for breath. “Oh my God,” he wheezes, “you should have seen your face.” Clay laughs harder and I cross my arms over my chest, turning so he can no longer see my tail.
For the first time tonight, I notice what he’s wearing. “What are you supposed to be?” He’s wearing a pair of loose jeans and a yellow t-shirt with big white buttons and a cowhide vest printed on it. It looks familiar, but I can’t place it.
Looking entirely too proud of himself, he says, “I’m Woody. Get it?” He’s such a child.
This time I’m the one to roll my eyes. “How old are you, three?”
“Nah, I’m eight … inches.” He gives me an exaggerated wink.
Meghan laughs before she tugs on his hand, prompting both of us to look at her. It’s obvious neither of us remembered she was even there, and that makes me feel crappy. “I’m hungry, Clay,” she says, pushing out her bottom lip and twirling a lock of dark hair around one finger. I start to snort, amused by her actions, but I manage to hold it in.
“Hey Meghan, I like your costume.” It’s a total lie, but I’m trying to be nice. She just stares at me, not saying a word. For some reason, she disliked me immediately. It’s like she thinks I’m out to take Clay from her, something that couldn’t be further from the truth. Clay lets her lead him away, leaving me standing in the middle of the room alone.
Thankfully, I don’t stay that way for long. “Kat!” a voice shrieks before a whirlwind of red and black wraps her arms around me and hugs me tight.
“Hey Scar,” I say when she pulls back, letting me see her full costume. She’s dressed in an almost obscenely short dress that matches her two-toned hair. Red horns are perched on the top of her head and the grin on her face shows her for the devil she is. “Where’s Annabelle?”
The smile falls from her face, and I wish I hadn’t said anything. “She’s at the dorm. I tried to get her to come; I even went so far as to offer to do her homework for the next two weeks. She wouldn’t take it though.” I laugh, understanding why that wasn’t a good bribe. Scarlett barely does her own homework, let alone anyone else’s. I don’t get the chance to reply because Peyton’s yell grabs my attention.
“Okay, y’all. It’s movie time!” Shuddering inwardly, I wonder why I agreed to this. Scary movies are my least favorite thing ever.
Somehow, I end up sandwiched between Clay and Scarlett on the smaller couch where we’re packed in like sardines. Peyton and Wyatt are on the couch along with Max, and Emmett and Livvie settle in on the floor. Peyton starts the movie, and I look around for Meghan. When I don’t see her, I lean over so only Clay can hear me to ask, “Where’d your girlfriend go?”
He gives me a WTF look before answering. “Meg isn’t my girlfriend. Her sorority is having a big party with Sigma Phi, so she just came in for a minute to say hi and grab something to eat on her way over.”
“Oh,” I say dumbly. He turns back to the television and when I look over, I groan loudly. Peyton has a sick sense of humor. When we were at the store looking at movies, I mentioned that my mom wouldn’t let me watch the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. She was adamant I stay away, even when my friends were all watching them. Once, when I was about eight, I told her I was going out to ride my bike when I was actually sneaking over to my best friend Laura’s to watch the movies. She found me out and came right over to drag me home again. I was mortified.
Not even halfway through the movie, I’ve decided I’m never falling asleep again. Every time one of the characters falls asleep, they’re chased by a madman. The first time someone dies, I practically jump into Clay’s lap, causing him to laugh. Embarrassed, I slide back into my seat, but the next attack has me grabbing his arm and shrieking.
“Calm down, Kitty Kat,” he cajoles. “It’s just a movie.” His shoulders are shaking with his laughter, but I’m beyond caring.
Hiding my face in his arm, I mutter, “I don’t care. I hate scary movies.” I sound just as pouty as Meghan did earlier, but right now, all I can concentrate on is the bloody visual in my head. Still chuckling, Clay pulls his arm away from where my fingers are digging into him, but before I can protest, he drops it over my shoulder and pulls me into him. I burrow closer, burying my face in his side and squeeze my eyes shut. I cover my free ear with a hand and try to calm my breathing. Clay’s hand strokes my arm from my shoulder to my elbow, relaxing me slowly and all too soon, he’s shaking me awake.
“Hey sleepyhead. Movie’s over.” Once I’m sitting up, he stands, stretching his arms over his head. His shirt rides up, showcasing his taut abs and trim waist. I look away quickly, meeting Scarlett’s grinning face. She says nothing, raising one eyebrow as she looks between Clay and me.
“Don’t even start,” I tell her sharply.
Her smile widens. “Wasn’t gonna.”I hope you enjoyed this little bonus scene. If you'd like a sneak peek at the first chapter of Looking for Trouble, the first book in the Nashville U series, make sure you pick up the Nashville Nights Collection. It's a box set including the first four books in the Nashville Nights series, along with the novella Never Wanted More. It's on preorder for 99¢ and released on Black Friday!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Holy mother monkey of a Perl!!!!!

OK so anyone who knows me KNOWS I freaking hate clowns with a bloody passion. Snakes and clowns are the two things in the world that get to me, they're not just fears they are full blown phobias, with panic attacks and all that jazz. So why the hell would I read a book that clearly has a killer clown on the cover that looks like he wants to rip your soul right out of your body????? Oh well that's easy its just about my favorite time of the year Halloween!!!!!!!! And the best part of Halloween is getting scared and this book did just that. It scared the living daylights outta me. For being a small little book that if it had anything else in it would have probably only taken me an hour or two to read took me like a whole day!!!! I had to keep closing my laptop and walking away saying no no oh HELL No!! And you know it wasn't even the fact that it was a clown that made it so messed up. I go back and think about it and it would be just as twisted and creepy if it was someone who escaped from a prison or mental asylum or even some random sick and twisted stranger. Wesley is not only in my opinion the next king of horror but he is an amazing writer, its not just blood and gore. There is an actual story there and  substance to each and every story that comes from that mind of his. It is absolutely an incredible and shocking read that well, leaves you begging for a sequel believe it or not. I can't wait to see what the next skin crawling, nightmare inducing book is from this killer author. Wait his not like a real killer, like the people in his books or anything . Oh you guys know what I mean!!!! It's time for the links to my goodreads and amazon, go get it!!! Have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*



Sunday, October 11, 2015

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm excited can't you tell

COMING MARCH 7th, 2016
When a hot guy with blazing blue eyes and a sexy smirk saves my ass and covers up my sins, I know I'm screwed. He's poor, and is probably deprived like every other ass I've attracted recently.
I admit it. I'm a moron magnet. If the guy's a dick, then he sweeps me off my feet and promptly stabs me in the back. Billionaires are all the same. I've fallen for loser after loser, which earned me the classy reputation of being easy. I'm easy on the eyes, easy to bed.
But no one knows the truth, no one knows the events that forced me onto the ledge of that elite NYC hotel--no one except that strapped, hot waiter.
Now I have to figure out if he's an ally or an enemy. I need a friend, a real one, and not some jerk who's after my money or my name. But if I make the wrong choice, it'll destroy me.
The ledge high above the city was only the beginning. No one can help me now. I'm on my own.
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Type: Novel

H.M. Ward continues to reign as a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author who has sold more than 10 million copies since her debut in 2011, placing her among the literary titans. Ward has been featured in articles in the New York Times, Forbes and USA Today to name a few.
WHERE TO FIND H.M. WARD Facebook Website Twitter Pinterest Email: hmward@sexyawesomebooks.com
This Canadian writer will release her debut novel, LAST HEARTBREAK, in conjunction with H.M. Ward in 2016. Melanie is currently working on several New Adult Contemporary Romance titles and more co-authored titles. This writer has been called a free spirit, boisterous, daring, with her feet barely touching the ground. Her husband and two sons encourage her in all her crazy projects, always dreaming bigger, better, and louder.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

To Live Again by Melody Dawn

Hello my bloggy peeps!!!! Today as you can see ^^^^^^ I will be gushing over To Live Again by Melody Dawn. Well ok soooo I am going to start off with, within the first 3 chapters I was curled up in a ball crying like a baby for its momma. Ok I know I cry a lot over the last few books that I have read but I mean come on!!! I officially think all the authors in the world have gotten together and are trying to kill me of a broken heart over these things that happen in these books. I know I'm not making much sense buuuuuuuut I don't want to give anything away which BTW is really flipping hard to do with all this epic craziness and all. SoOoOoOo our MC (main character ) in this story is named Chloe and she has something life altering happen to her and I don't mean in the good way either. She completely withdraws into herself and is determined to be set on the path of self hate for the rest of her life. Well her best friend Madison, hates that she does that to herself and thinks that she is so wrong. Uhhh hmmm I agree with Madison like 100%. But anywho one day she goes to school and this Smexy beast is sitting in her seat by the name of Jayson Reece. Yumm-o Jayson and guess what he has a twin Connor drool. Well things go from your in my seat to so much more within a very quick amount of time and I love it!!!! This book goes live very soon so keep your eyes peeled ladies!!!! This may be Mrs. Dawns first novel but I so cannot wait to see what comes next from this amazing author!! Well have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Storms of Deliverance by Larry Higdon

The Storms Of 


Johnson is not only an ex- Braves baseball player who's dreams were ripped away from him hes a drunk. With his dreams taken away from him he turns to the one thing that he knows helps, alcohol, or does it. Johnson was known for his how would can I put this his errrrrummm temper. OK the guys nickname is "Bad News Johnson" so yeah I don't think alcohol helped him out that much but anyways Johnson has become a alcoholic but denies it to the full extent. He's lost his wife and daughter already but after Katie tried once again to make things work with Johnson she finds booze in his house once again. Fed up with the lies and stories Katie writes a letter that says she will always love him but she can't do this anymore. That bothers him more anything, and after a series of events Johnson as found himself with amnesia and can't remember the last 27 years of his life. He thinks he's some sort of time traveler. As he tries to figure out  what has happened to his life more tragedy is thrown his way. How does he deal with it? Does he remember the butt munch he had become during those last 27 years? Can he fix the sins of his past?  Grab it for yourself and see!! Have a great day and read a good book I know I will *~~ Gabby~~*



Holy Shiitake Mushrooms YES PLEASE!!!!!

MANWHORE, vol. 1


When billionaire Sean Ferro crosses my path, it's my job to destroy him. His crimes are horrific and there's no way I'm letting him walk away from them. Whether he wins or loses in court is irrelevant. I'll destroy any chance he has at a happy life when this is over, whether he lands in a jail cell or not.

The arrogant bastard is more beautiful than I thought. He sits there, day after day, closed off and quiet. Dark hair pushed out of his face, and those blue eyes staring into space, unseeing. I assist the prosecution and twist his silence into apathy, steadily twisting the image of a broken man into a disturbed monster. I destroy him completely well before the end of the trial. Society hates him. And so do I.

But one night will change everything. Once chance encounter shows me my mistake. This isn't something I can't change, so I offer the only thing I know he needs--me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Revived (Snoqualmie Valley Sasquatch Book 1)

Hey Bloggy Peeps what is happening on this beautiful day (not really, its humid as hell). Guess what???? Can you guess?????? I'll give you a hint ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (psssssssttttt *stage whispers* look up). Oh yeah nooooow you see it. WELL let me tell you something, this book was not what I was expecting at all. I didn't really know what to think about a story that is clearly about a Sasquatch. I LOVED IT!!!! It's not tacky or boring in anyway what so ever. Okie Dokie Artichokeie it is time to be debriefed.

SOoOoOoOo Jenna's parents died 5yrs before and she is about to turn 18 which means she'll get everything her parents left her, their home, their stuff, everything. So when Jenna's Parents died in a car accident she went to live with her Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins Hannah and Jason. I think its kinda weird that Jenna and Hannah who ARE cousins look so freaking much alike people call them the twins. But anywho back on track, the girls head out to the old trailer of Jenna's to see how everything has held up over the years seeing she's moving back there when she turns 18 and even though someones been out there to clean and take care of the home and grounds over the years.

While leaving the home and having memories fly back at the two girls they happen to remember Hannah's "imaginary" friend Adam. Which they find out pn the first day of school that Adam is not imaginary and is a real live person and that he is really in school with them now. CRAZY right well let me just tell you people are jerks I'm sure you already know that and all but really people are uber jerks and deserve to get their lips split open *cough cough*. What secrets lie in wait, just waiting to be reveled and expose the truth and how will the truth affect everyone. GO GET THE BOOK AND FIND OUT!!! Well then everyone Have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*