Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gore Zone by Wesley Thomas

Omg hello my lovelies!!! Did you miss me huh huh huh did ya did ya did ya?!?!?!?!? 
Dont worry I missed all my bloggy peeps. 
So before I continue on I have to warn all of y'all. If you are more than willing to have to swallow back bile and have an increasing feeling of dread that sits heavy in the center of your chest the entire time. Then Wesley Thomas has gone above and beyond on his new book Gore Zone.
I wouldn't even consider this a horror book  I mean yes there are elements of horror in the book but the title suites this collection perfectly. There was so much gore in one story alone I had to stop and walk away a few times. Let me tell you now that I'm done reading I can find the humor as my children did while I was reading but a certain story that involved and eyeball and I started gagging pretty bad even thinking about it right now is turning my stomach.  But anyway as I'm reading and how in depth and detailed I can just visualize everything that Wesley was writing so vividly in my mind...... oh see nasty it's there in my head again. But my kids were laughing at me !!!! 
oldest son:  Mommy what are you reading now??
Me: Wesley that is what I'm reading 
and then recognition dawns on him
Oldest son: have fun mom!  
Yeah OK fun oh oh and never ever I mean EVER read one of his stories right before you go to sleep. I made the horrible mistake of reading this while laying down getting ready to go to sleep and I may have fallen asleep while reading let's just say I want asleep long before I woke drenched in sweat. Yeah I don't think I'll make that mistake again.  Then some points it was so gruesome but I just kept turning the page and as I'm reading Im having this on going dialog in my mind it's just a story it's just a story it can't hurt me Oh my French toast that did NOT just happen. Why are you still reading? Oh Kay this is bad this is really really bad annnnnnd she's dead!!! But all in all I loved it!!!!! Don't get me wrong I love a good romance like and other woman but give me some horror and gore and im like a kid in a candy store. If your like me and Halloween and all things that go bump in the night is your cup of tea this is a must have! Keep your eyes peeled for the release in August  Gore Zone by Wesley Thomas sure to get your blood pumping.

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5 screaming banshee's 😱😱😱😱😱 

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