Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Arrangement 19 by H.M. Ward

AR 19

Ok so as ya'll should all know by now I am on Holly's perm ARC list *throws glitter*. I get the books before most and I get to read, review and basically pimp out her book before its released. I can't get into all the yummy juicy details of everything right now but a can give you just a little taste and get you hooked.
This book leaves off from where 18 ends. Which we all know is something that I love when reading a series. But any who the Ferro mansion is blow to bits , smoke and ash are flying everywhere. Things have really gone to shit for Sean and Avery but things get worse ,so much worse. How can they get any worse you maybe asking yourself. Well let m tell you my bloggy peeps it does by like 100%. Keep your eyes peeled for this amazing Ferro book. Hang in there Sean!

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