Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Everything I Shouldn't by Stacey Mosteller!!!!!!!!!!!


Well holy crow nuggets this book is ghaiofgnaergihertojearmtgfahtgion good (yes I realize that's not a real word that's the whole point). I am so into these books its insane, I was at the point I was curled up in my reading chair and my family was like "Do you think she's gonna look up yet?" "I don't know lets see" "Hey Gab can you get me a drink? Can you change the channel on the TV for me?" And guess what I did without removing my eyes from the nook! Bam What!!! Now that's dedication to the book.

Ok so this is #2 in the Nashville night series but don't forget that there is book 1 Save Me from Myself (David and Lyric) and then there is book 1.5 Never Wanted More (Wyatt and Peyton). Oh here just look.

                                   See here we are ^^^^^

The best thing I think about Stacey's books is that no matter whose story you're reading you know what's going on with everyone else. Instead of not know what is going with Lyric and David you do know!! Thats because everyone is so wrapped up in one another, its great because you never miss anything and you see a situation from different angles. You know what when I'm done with all of my reviews I'm gonna make like a family tree connection thingy.

This story is abut SaraBeth and Jeremy and it goes back to the beginning for them. The back and forth in this book is crazy. SB and Jeremy sit there a torment each other for years before the finally give in to one another. Yeah bout that though SB doesn't want to tell her brother right away that she and his best friend for life are dating she wants to see if they work first before she tells him. which Jeremy tells her is a bad idea but goes along with it anyway. One day things are getting pretty intense in the bathroom in SB's brothers bar of all places and guess what happens????? Lyric walks in Daivd's girlfriend!!! Oh SNAP! From there things get really tense SaraBeth actually threatens Lyric that she'll ruin her realtionship with her brother if she tells him. But of course everything comes to a head at SB's 21 birthday where David catches them!!! Let me tell you its BAD fist are flying and it takes two other guys to break it up. David throws Jeremy out and from there things get worse. At the end of the book there is a major huge gigantic something that happens and thats how she ends it right there with this massive THING!!!!! Poor Nook almost took flying lessons again thats probably why it hates me so much lol. Weeeeeell peeps if you havent noticed by now i LOOOOOVE this book and think everyone in the world should read it so Imma gonna post up the linky links up so you can head on over to which ever site works best for you. Have a fun and read a good book. I know I will *~~Gabby~~*



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