Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Everything I Need by Stacey Mosteller!!!!!

Everything I Need!

Warning DO NOT read unless you've read Everything I Shouldn't!!

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SOOO if your reading this I hope to high heaven that you've read Everything I Shouldn't first because if you haven't this is sooooo gonna ruin it for you...... Well on to it, In this book it leaves off right at the end of the last book which when reading a series I love because I hate when I have to go back and read the end of the last book to get caught up. So this book starts off with SaraBeth and Lyric telling David that SB is pregnant BADA BOOM!!!! David and Lyric insist that she tells Jeremy about the pregnancy but she wants him to want to be with her for her not because they're going to have a baby. Which yeah I agree with her on that but with something like that I agree with David  that she should tell him ASAP because he should know he's gonna be a Daddy. David is still royally pissed over the fact that SB and Jeremy were together and didn't tell him, he knew it for like a week or so and was just waiting for Jer to come to him but we all know (hopefully) that that didn't happen. David goes to Jer and tells him he really needs to get his shit together because he is really gonna regret it if he doesn't which at this point Jer is like you need to get your shit together because I love her and I'm coming back for her. But he doesn't because he is trying to protect her from the fucked upness of his family. That doesn't really work out thought. In between all this happening slowly like everyone starts to find out about SB being pregnant , Wyatt, Livvie, TYLER!!!! and Jeremy still doesn't know because he can be assy at times and SB is stubborn as all hell. They finally get their shit together for a certain somebody tries to throw a wrench in everything. Things blow up and she calls Lyric and David to come and get her, when she goes down to meet them they tell her that she really needs to talk to Jer and tell him everything and that if she needs them, they are only a phone call away. AWWWWWWWWWW I'm so glad things have worked out between Lyric and SB!!!!! Well she goes back up and then tells Jeremy everything. I so love how this book plays out and how it ends I think I've given enough away as it is so you know what that means, GO GET IT!!!! So its linky linky time my blogging peeps, I'm gonna put up the links for aaaaaaaallllllllll the different sites that you can get this fantabulous book for yourself . Have a good day and enjoy a good book. I know I will *~~Gabby~~*






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