Wednesday, August 26, 2015

When The Music Ends by Simone Beaudelaire


Well hello my bloggy peeps!!! I know I've got another review for all of ya'll!!! WOO HOO!! Oh and yes it is another one from Simone!! So if you've been a bloggy peep from the beginning then you already know that I read the 3rd book to this series When the heart heals, but this one is the very 1st and OH MY GOSH! Time to be debriefed:

 Sean Murphy is 23 years old, his sister Sheridan is 17 almost 18 and her closest friend Erin just turned 18.

When Erin's date lets her down for the senior home-coming dance (butt munch) Sheridan AKA Danny has the master plan of having her older (and very hot, well she doesn't think he's hot) brother take Erin to the dance. Like the true gentleman he is, Sean steps in to take her, but only after some fast talking from Danny and confirmation from Erin privately that she REALLY does want to go and its not his sister well being his sister. It is after their dance finishes that the fireworks really begin between the two, but before they can really get set off something happens at the dance that leaves not only Sean but Erin a little leery. Erin, has had a crush on Sean for years, and Sean has always liked Erin but thought the difference in their age was too big of a gap for anything to happen, find out they both actually like LIKE each other and well they decide to act on it. While things are getting oh so hot and steamy between the sheets with Sean and Erin that leery feeling they both had would turn into one of their worst nightmares come true. 

This is where I stop because if I don't I'm gonna word vomit all up over this review and I do NOT want to ruin it for you guys because it really is amazing, I cried more through out this book than I have in a very long time. I mean a lot of books I read make me cry but seriously I think I cried a minimum of like 15 times I think I cried every other chapter if not every chapter it was pretty bad so I will for warn you keep the tissues handy because you'll need them for this amazing story. Well peeps its linky link time, have a great day/night and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*



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