Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Naphil's Kiss by Simone Beaudelaire

Angels and Demons and Mix Breeds 

Oh My!

Ok so we all know that I have read a few of Simone's books before, but what you guys don't know is that I totally have a thing for Angels and Demons and all that good stuff so when I was asked to read this book I was doing major happy dance. So it starts of with Sarahi being disgusted with her life as a life-sucking  passion stealing succubus, Sarahi  demoness mother Lilith, meant her to be seductive and make endless drones for her but Sarahi just can't do it. As she is walking  around the streets of ancient Rome, almost starving and in desperate need to feed, she heads for the Temple of Venus ( can you say prostitutes). It's easy enough to take in the energy from all that lust and desire When  she gets there she meets a Naphilim named Lucien who just happens to be celibate. From that meeting it take centuries for them to FINALLY come together and with them being together well they kinda sort of start the war between dark and light. Absolutely amazing and you have to read it! It's full of action and love and hate and EVERYTHING!!!  So guys I hope I have enticed you enough for you to go out and get this one, it really is worth it. have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*


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