Wednesday, August 12, 2015

AR 20!!!!

It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!!!!

(Some Spoliers May Pop Up)

EEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!! I am so excited to be able to tell you about this book! As you all know H.M. Ward is one of my favorite romance authors and that she has like millions and millions of copies sold world wide on her books (well at least you should know, and if you didn't now you do).

AR 20 is the new and shiny and drooly new installment to Sean and Avery's story. If you haven't been following them you are insane!!!!!!!! Avery's best friend (or is she????) shows up and gets her to leave the scene of a horrible, terrible,  just plain out awful crime. After they're all safe and sound in a something or a somewhere Mel (the best friend in question) spills the beans about A LOT of things. AHHHHH this is so hard!!!!! I want to spill the beans myself on this whole book but I'm trying so hard to. *blows hair off of forehead and takes a deep breath* Ok so things kinda sort of get really shitty of Avery and like I said if you know the story you're probably thinking how the hell can things get anymore shitty for her, but trust me they do, by like a million. Ok I think this  is kinda short but I have to stop myself right here because I know that if I don't, there is going to be a whole lotta word vomit all over this blog, and I don't want t ruin the book and have you not get it because you already know everything that happens. SO to find out what the hell happens to Avery your just going to have to go and get it yourself. Lucky for you, you can get it just about anywhere. This is the part where I put up all those fabulous linky links for you guys.  I'm not gonna post the links this time to my review on each site because well obviously this IS a review and because if you get curious you can always find them on the books page under reviews!  Have a great day and read a good book, I know I will. *~~Gabby~~*


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