Sunday, August 23, 2015

Forbidden Surrender by Priscilla West


Ok ladies this one is a quick but it really is a goodie. I have read Wrecked and Rescued which are both by Priscilla before in the past and if this book is anything like those two books I know I'm going to be crying at some point in this series. This is the first in a series of three books which by the way I can not wait to get my grubby little book nerd hands on the next two. In this story we met Kristen and Vincent, Kristen is established in her own way in the fact that she is a  25 year-old Harvard Grad (woo hoo she put herself through school shes originally from Texas) and wealth manager for Waterbridge-Howser in New York!!! ( I'm guessing there big time). Kristen moved to New York trying to get away and to start a brand new life. She is super smart, determined, and well professional.  In an attempt to achieve that goal, Kristen must first help convince billionaire Vincent to invest his fortune with their company. Can she do it??

Vincent  is a 31 year old billionaire yes i just said billionaire ladies oh and he's a playboy. Vincent made his billions by starting his own company which all started with a camera to go on the end of his surf board. who would have thunk! But to go with all that money his has nipple piercings and a yummy body to go with it.

As I said Kristen is very professional but Vincent wants her and well she wants him too but they have work to do.. Does she give in?? What is she trying to get away from??? Read the book people to find out. Have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*


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