Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Lovely Bloggy Peeps!!!

OH my loves!!!
Hey everyone I know its been dead air here for a little bit . It's just been with the holidays and things have been even more hectic than the norm. Oh and the lovely Pa weather we're having is just the best ( hint if you can't tell I'm be sarcastic). I mean seriously one minute its nice and warm where you just need a hoodie  and the warmth of the sun is kissing your your face and all is good with the world theeeeeeeeen!!!! Bam What! Grab your parka, hat, gloves, scarfs, hand warmers and electric blankets. Because if you don't the weather gods will freeze a number of different body parts off. Oh yeah and lets not even get started on the wind. You walk outside while its blowing its like Wha Bam! Bitch slap by some wind. Than for us ladies its like a million times worse, because we have the hair. You know exactly what I'm talking about, you know when the wind is whipping and your hair is flying everywhere and its hitting you repeatedly in the face, and that feeling of a zillion tiny needles stabbing you in the face like your hair is punishing you for going outside 'Ha take that! Feel the sting, feel the sting!'. But one thing I can say though is thank the weather gods for just giving us rain and not snow. I hate snow with a fiery passion. If my hate for snow was a superpower where I could melt snow with my hate We probably wouldn't have any polar ice caps I'm just saying. The only time its OK for snow to show its ugly face is on Christmas, than no more. Because snow isn't a real word it really means Shit No One Wants S.N.O.W. Well with all the whacked out weather and my kids with their amazing listening skills all have colds to some degree. It ranges from a little sniffling and a cough here and there to full blown bronchitis. Who wins I win, yeah no not really and you know what the cherry on top of the sunda is. I mean I always tell my kids about sharing but not stomach bugs. My tummy hurts!! But in book nerd fashion I will have reviews up soon for Broken Promises by the fantabulous H.M. Ward and one called It was nearly mine by a different author. So have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*

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