Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Storms of Deliverance by Larry Higdon

The Storms Of 


Johnson is not only an ex- Braves baseball player who's dreams were ripped away from him hes a drunk. With his dreams taken away from him he turns to the one thing that he knows helps, alcohol, or does it. Johnson was known for his how would can I put this his errrrrummm temper. OK the guys nickname is "Bad News Johnson" so yeah I don't think alcohol helped him out that much but anyways Johnson has become a alcoholic but denies it to the full extent. He's lost his wife and daughter already but after Katie tried once again to make things work with Johnson she finds booze in his house once again. Fed up with the lies and stories Katie writes a letter that says she will always love him but she can't do this anymore. That bothers him more anything, and after a series of events Johnson as found himself with amnesia and can't remember the last 27 years of his life. He thinks he's some sort of time traveler. As he tries to figure out  what has happened to his life more tragedy is thrown his way. How does he deal with it? Does he remember the butt munch he had become during those last 27 years? Can he fix the sins of his past?  Grab it for yourself and see!! Have a great day and read a good book I know I will *~~ Gabby~~*



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