Monday, April 27, 2015

OMG!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!

Ok so H.M. Ward put out applications to get onto her perm ARC list.
Little ol' me was like "Oh this is awesome I am so gonna try to be a part of this"
I fill out the application and then the anxiety sets in. Crap what if I don't make it? I don't think I have enough reviews up!! Oh my God Oh my God OH MY GAWD!!!!!
Massive panic attack sets in, my palms start to sweat my heart is going at about 240. I'm franticly thinking "WHERE'S MY BROWN PAPER BAG?!?!?!?!?!" holy crow I'm gonna hyperventilate. Breath Gabby just breath, ok everything is sent , now I wait...
I start checking my email like a crazy person for days until I find out that Holly is on vacation which by the way she really needed and very much deserved. Then the post goes up on  the best group ever Ferroaholics  to check our emails because the first batch of perm reviewers where chosen. The panic attack starts all over AGAIN!! Oh my god Oh my god OH MY GAWD!!!! There sitting in my inbox is an email from Holly. My heart stops I click on the email to open it BAM there it is Congratulations    I squee and chair bounce thinking to myself Damn I should have had glitter to throw up in the air. I'm on cloud nine for the rest of like my life. I want to thank H.M Ward (Holly) for this opportunity from the bottom of my heart. I want her to know that I will do everything and anything she asks to the best of my abilities. *wipes tears from eyes* THANK YOU!!!!!!

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