Friday, April 10, 2015

A Fearful Lie by Jean Fournier Johnson

This book is CRAZY!!!!!! I swear I have never read a book like this before in my life!!! Gloria has the picture perfect life, her girls are almost all grown and out of the house. Her husband Ted is a detective with the local police department, what could go wrong right?? How about everything....... Gloria is on her way home from a local bar when she hits a garbage can that was left to far into the road while she's debating whether or not to fix she's looking behind her not the road. When she turns around its too late, she just sees something dart out from in between the cars, when she hears and feels the thump. She gets out of her car and realizes that she has hit and killed and little boy. As she looks around she sees that no one has seen her, there are no witnesses. Gloria PICKS UP the little boy and moves him on to the side walk and goes home. Her life gets turned upside down when the guilt of what she has done slowly eats at her inside. Gloria slowly loses and gain everything.... What will Joshua's mother say to her sons killer? What happens to Gloria and her life ????
Doing things a little different today  ^^^^^^^^^ that up there^^^^^^^^^^
is my Amazon review for this very weird book.
Don't get me wrong its a good book it really is, I just find some of the events that happen a tad bit odd.
Like first off who picks up and body of a child that you hit with your car and move it to the side walk?!?!?!?!?! Then the MC Gloria takes an art class and guess who in the art class??
Anyone have ANY guesses? No ok let me help you out its the little kids mother!!!!!! Yeah I know right, but it gets even more messed up they become friends!!! There is a number of fudged up stuff that happened up in that book. head on over to amazon to get your copy now!!!
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