Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Nikki Narvaez~ The Elemental Prophecy Series (book 1 & 2)

Hellllloooo everybody!!! Today I wanna tell all of ya'll about another kick ass author Nikki Narvaez now going by the pen name Nikki Sparxx. She has a whole bunch of book but I've only read Envisioned and Emblazed (so far). But let a sister tell you, these books are wicked awesome!!!
This series main character is this spit fire girl named Brielle, and she's having these reoccurring nightmares with this really hot guy and she can't save him and its killing her. She's about to turn 18 and has never left the island that she lives on so her bestie thinks it would be a great idea to take her to a club for her birthday. So Kimber (the bestie ) takes Brielle to this hot club off of the island where Brielle find the man of her dreams. No I mean literally the man off her dreams well nightmares really and he turns out to be her twin flame. Twin flames are like soul mates but are so much more than that. twin flames once found and bound can't live without each other I mean they can never be apart. Oh and in order to have a twin flame you have to be an Elemental. Which means your descendent from the Gods Greek Gods that is. But Brielle doesn't know that she Elemental and not only that's she's Elemental she the One that is going to save the world!!!! Awesome birthday right but before she finds out that her Twin flames is her twin flame or that her best friend is a water elemental she gets attacked yup like I said awesome birthday. Now I don't want to say too much and give the whole book away but I will know things get real crazy. This book is hot, steamy and action packed!!! Go get it people what are you waiting for????

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Ok I read book one and two. Book two is called Emblazed and if by any chance its more crazier then the first one!!!! I so love Jace and Brielle, Jace has officially  on my  book boyfriend list (which I think I may  post for you guys on). Another thing I love about Nikki's books is that it jumps from Brielle to Jace which I love because you don't miss anything that is happening. Me trying to be a author can't do that. But as a reader it works so well especially in this kind of story. Well again I'm only going to spill a few of the beans if you guys want more, which I know you will, you'll have to go get it!!! But any who, Brielle is stuck in Hades with Hades who is trying to take her power but she also has to deal with Hermes. What's the deal with Hermes, lets just say Jace wants to kill that MFer.
oh and the kicker about all this is that Jace only has 3 days to get her back. Bam What! So again this one is REALLY hot and steamy, and yet it has so much going on you just might go clinically insane I'm still debating whether or not I am. Oh oh oh and I will bet anything that at the end of this book you will jump out of your chair and yell NO!!!!!!! and want to throw your book/ tablet. The cliffhanger is awesome Nikki knows how to build up the suspense for her next book. Again what are you waiting for oh yeah the links =D

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