Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Revived (Snoqualmie Valley Sasquatch Book 1)

Hey Bloggy Peeps what is happening on this beautiful day (not really, its humid as hell). Guess what???? Can you guess?????? I'll give you a hint ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (psssssssttttt *stage whispers* look up). Oh yeah nooooow you see it. WELL let me tell you something, this book was not what I was expecting at all. I didn't really know what to think about a story that is clearly about a Sasquatch. I LOVED IT!!!! It's not tacky or boring in anyway what so ever. Okie Dokie Artichokeie it is time to be debriefed.

SOoOoOoOo Jenna's parents died 5yrs before and she is about to turn 18 which means she'll get everything her parents left her, their home, their stuff, everything. So when Jenna's Parents died in a car accident she went to live with her Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins Hannah and Jason. I think its kinda weird that Jenna and Hannah who ARE cousins look so freaking much alike people call them the twins. But anywho back on track, the girls head out to the old trailer of Jenna's to see how everything has held up over the years seeing she's moving back there when she turns 18 and even though someones been out there to clean and take care of the home and grounds over the years.

While leaving the home and having memories fly back at the two girls they happen to remember Hannah's "imaginary" friend Adam. Which they find out pn the first day of school that Adam is not imaginary and is a real live person and that he is really in school with them now. CRAZY right well let me just tell you people are jerks I'm sure you already know that and all but really people are uber jerks and deserve to get their lips split open *cough cough*. What secrets lie in wait, just waiting to be reveled and expose the truth and how will the truth affect everyone. GO GET THE BOOK AND FIND OUT!!! Well then everyone Have a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*



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