Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Succubus by Wesley Thomas

Wesley Thomas

Hiddy Ho bloggy peeps if you can't tell we gots a creepy one for y'all today. I would have had this review out for you sooner but you know me I love to have some pictures as visual aids to yea know help set the mood. Sooooo any who, this book is freaking EPIC!!! In the prologue alone I was flipping out, me you know me, I don't like too spoil things for you guys I reeeeeeeeaally don't, but guys midsection spaghetti!!!!!! IN THE PROLOGUE PEOPLE!!! Well we go from THAT to our Mc who wakes of from a year long coma yes  I said coma. When he wakes up things just don't seem quite right.  Well and there's a very good reason for things not seeming right oh yeah I know because there NOT!!!!!! Things go from werid to crazy in like 2.2 seconds. You have to read this I mean it's a skin crawling, heart warming, stomach churning instant hit!! It comes live at you February 28 but why wait? Preorder your copy now from Amazon! Have  a great day and read a good book, I know I will *~~Gabby~~*

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