Sunday, January 24, 2016

Over You by H.M. Ward

Over You
H.M. Ward

Well well well bloggy peeps its another hot one from the one and only H.M. Ward. I mean come on did you expect anything different?? I think not!!! I was seriously glued to my tablet all day getting my dose of hot billionaire. But as we all know her book are about much more than a hot hunky brooding stinken rich dream boat in this case his name is Mr. Darcy. Beth Bennett has done just about everything to get away from her family or should I really say her mother, when one day she is forced home due to her dad being sent to the hospital. Beth can tell that there is more going on with her dad than what her parents are telling her and her sisters. In the midst of all this momma Bennett is trying to nab a billionaire for each of her daughters, umm yeah OK. So we have loyalty and love and trust and someone's giving up their own happiness to protect family. Well I guess I could share William Darcy with you guys for Valentine's Day well maybe I will head on over and due some preordering!!! Have a great day, read a good book I know I will *~~Gabby~~*

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