Monday, March 30, 2015

H.M. Ward!!!

OK seeing as this is a book blog I would love to start of by tell you all about my favorite author.
H.M. Ward!!!!!!! She is amazing she is the Queen of the cliffhanger I swear once you start one of her books you'll be chomping at the bit for more. Some of my favorite series by her would be...

  1. Life Before Damaged (Peter Ferro)
  2. Damaged (Peter Ferro)
  3. The Arrangement (Sean Ferro)
  4. The Proposition (Bryan Ferro)
  5. Stripped (Jon Ferro)
  6. The Secret Life of Trystan Scott  (non-Ferro)
  7. Secrets and Lies (non-Ferro)
She also has some awesome stand alone novels and novellas

  1. The Wedding Contract
  2. A Little Christmas Romance
  3. Shadows of the Past
  4. Second Chances
Remember Folks these are just some of MY favorites she has many many more that I am more than positive you'll enjoy!! Go check her out for yourself at!/HOME

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