Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I am so sorry my bloggy peeps!!! I know you should all shun me for the evilness I have brought upon you for not keeping up with this *swings arms around and points at everything* But I know I've told you that I have 3 little ones and life gets away from us all from time to time but what the shiznaki!!! I have failed you all .😧 But the good news...lots and lots of yummy juicy reviews with Amazon links for y'all and if I'm posting it then it is for sure we'll worth it to go ahead and one click!!!
Worth the Wait: Sexy Nerd Boys, 1Worth the Wait: Sexy Nerd Boys, 1 by K.M. Neuhold
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my sweet baby Jesus!! I loved this book and the story. Abby has a dark and disturbing past, she is a self declared man hater but with good cause and btw she's a BA kickboxer. Then along comes Ethan, can he be what Abby needs to face her deepest darkest demons?? I laughed , I cried , I almost broke my tablet again because I wanted to throw my tablet but most of all it was intense. Oh and hot very very HAWT. Again loved it!

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